Alternatives for Google Reader

I’m slowly coming to terms with the retirement of google reader in July. In response, I’ve been playing around with different RSS feed services to see what’s available.

NewsBlur: It’s aesthetically pleasing, but with a 64 subscription limit and a “premium” option, which I get the impression I’ll be hounded to upgrade to, this is pretty low on my list.

The Old Reader: it was cool until I imported all of my blog subscriptions and it said I had 1300+ posts to read, which was very not true. Also, it’s still in the beta stages, and there’s no mobile app. Sad face.

Feedly- so far ahead in the race for my affections, and attention. It easily synced up with my google reader, and even noted which posts I had already read for much more manageable number of 20. It also has a mobile app. Sweet! I have messing with the mobile app and it’s fairly easy to use- instead of a feed though it has pages or cards listing the posts you haven’t read yet, which I’m not entirely sure I like.

I’m sure there are a ton more out there, but hopefully this will give the few and the proud Google Reader users a head start on trying something else before the service is taken out for good in July :-/


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One response to “Alternatives for Google Reader

  1. Yeah, it’s a bummer. I started looking as soon as I saw the announcement (ironically, in Google Reader). The Old Reader told me it couldn’t import all of my feeds. Pfft, done. So I’m on Feedly, too, now. I use all the Google Reader-esque hacks that they mentioned. Noticed in the last week that they’ve made some updates to the interface, which have been good.

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