“Is This [Protein Shake] For Women?”

On my way home after our competition team training, I stopped by my local 7-11 and grabbed a protein shake- I forget the name of it, but it had about 50 grams of protein in it, and a Starbucks double shot to mix together for a late, quick lunch. Not one my finest culinary moments or healthiest meals to date, but someone can scold me about that later.

Anyway, I was at the front counter when the cashier girl looked at my purchased and asked “is that for women?”

I stared at her for a second; at that moment I really had no idea what she was talking about.


In response she pointed to the protein shake and repeated her question.

“It’s protein,” I said, “it’s for everyone.”
I could win crowds over with my eloquence y’all, I just know it.

Her response went roughly like this: “Oh, I thought it was for guys, like that like that muscle…”

“Muscle milk? That’s for everyone too. Everyone needs protein.”

She proceeded to tell me how she had been drinking some drink Special K had been putting out- which I guess I could understand her view point: I imagine the Special K had what could be perceived as more feminine packaging for their product, where what I was purchasing had more of a masculine font to it. I didn’t want to go on some sort of tangent and drill her about what her fitness and life goals were, but there is one thing she can be sure of: there’s no such thing as a “dude only” protein shake. As far as I know there isn’t, at least.



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3 responses to ““Is This [Protein Shake] For Women?”

  1. You mean all drinks aren’t coded with either blue cans or pink cans so that we don’t get the wrong formula for our chromosomal profile?

  2. You are right about the packaging. Perhaps, on some level, she thought the “drinks for men” have testosterone or steroids in them? Glad you could set her straight!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

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