New York Open Registration is Closed. Bummer.

Registration for the IBJJF’s New York Open closed yesterday, a full week earlier than the deadline.

As someone who was waiting to see if anyone registered for their rank, this is disappointing. I understand they want to fill the tournament to capacity, but I do think it’s sort of silly to have a tournament where a number of competitors are literally the only person in their division.

Some suggestions I heard, and agree with:

-The most obvious one, find a larger venue to host the event.

-Create a cap on each division (like, say, 6 per division). On the last day of registration, check what divisions have “open spots” put those last remaining openings in sort of a free-for-all and let people register for whatever for a higher, last minute rate. That way early birds get their reward, anyone who is on the fence has their day to put up or shut up, and people those who really want to go still have their chance to register on that last day and fill the tournament to capacity.

….That’s all I have for now. The last one is actually partially what I have heard (putting a cap on the divisions) with some of my own ideas filled in.

IBJJF is still a fairly new(ish) organization that does try to improve its operations every year, which of course is commendable. I just hope something can be done to avoid situations like this for future tournaments both in New York and across the country.



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