Competing at an IBJJF Event? Check Your Gi!

Shakia has a great point on her blog:  some brands that claim to be IBJJF approved may have at one point had products that fell in line with the Federation’s regulations, but if you go to a tournament say, tomorrow, they will not pass the uniform check. I tend to treat the IBJJF uniform check  a little like going through the TSA at the airport- I obey begrudgingly, a little anxious they will keep me from getting to my final destination. The usual standards are still there: make sure your collar and belt aren’t frayed, your sleeves and pant legs are the proper length, and all your patches are fastened to your gi, and finally your gi has to be primarily a solid white, blue or black. A little trim of color shouldn’t be a problem- a collar a completely different color will not work however. For no-gi, your rash guard can be black or white with at least 10% of your belt color, and then any academy logos and the logo of the company, I think within the lines of the text of the company’s logo…let me know if that didn’t make sense.

Or better yet, check out the rules site: IBJJF No-Gi uniform rules. Also, boys can wear black board shorts, girls can wear black board shorts or black lycra shorts/pants.

Here’s what’s interesting: when I was waiting to get my gi checked, a number of girls had to cut off the tags from the gi company sewn into the bottom of the pants. Not that I’m set to cause a fuss about it, because I figure that’s a pretty good way to get you on the IBJJF “No Fly” list, but I’m reading through the rule book and it states that the gi company’s tag is permitted at the bottom of the pants- section 8 if anyone wants to follow along. Is this a new edit to the IBJJF rule book? Is so, can there be an update to the site, like how there is a link to the no-gi requirements in the left hand side bar? Please and thank you.

So if you are looking to compete in an IBJJF tournament and are not entirely sure if your gi makes the cut, check the rules, but don’t be surprised if someone hands you a pair of scissors to snip off the tag on the bottom of your gi pants.

PS: I just looked through the rulebook- interesting fact, the guy in the white gi should always be on the ref’s left. The guy in the blue or black gi should always be in the ref’s right. Huh. I just follow the arm band, but didn’t think about what wrist they were keeping it on. Also, competitors are required to wear underwear, just the plain kind: no thongs. Don’t worry, I’m looking at both genders on this one.



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5 responses to “Competing at an IBJJF Event? Check Your Gi!

  1. meghanbrown11

    I know some of my teammates had issues this year. Like the tiny little hyperfly patch by the wrist that was within the acceptable limits- they got that cut off. And for the origin gi’s the embroidery down the leg they counted as a patch and it didn’t meet the 15cm requirement from the bottom of the pant leg so they had to go buy new pants. Even though the rule book specifically says “patches” and not “embroidery”. But it wasn’t everyone, it was only certain gi checkers. Better safe than sorry I guess!

  2. When blue fights black, blue is always on the left side of the mat when seen from the audience perspective (on the ref’s right.) When two of the same gi color fight, the person higher up on the bracket, or from the left side of the bracket, gets the yellow/green belt and stands on the left side of the mat (on the ref’s right.)

  3. The whole inconsistency thing with the gis is bad. One Gi in particular, the count by shoyoroll , caused lots of problems. The Gi has a little bit of embroidery near the sleeve. I watched and heard of several people being turned away for it, while I watched others compete on it.

    I think the IBJJF wants to make this into a BIG sport. im ok woth that, but you can’t have blatant inconsistencies like this and with the referees scoring.

    Good post.

  4. I know this sounds stupid, but I’m about to enter my first IBJJF tournament and I don’t want to get turned away for the sake of my gi. So I went through the rulebook, and it says nothing about embroidery, just patches. But people were still getting turned away for embroidery?

    • Katie

      It’s not at all a stupid question, especially when you aren’t accustomed to competing in IBJJF tournaments: actually my initial reaction is to say it wouldn’t be a problem, but then you have competitors, like Chewy confirming that people are being turned away for embroidery that is too close to the cuff of the sleeve and pant leg. I guess if you can swing it, take a more plain, back up gi with you just in case.

      Hope that helps, and good luck!

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