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Trying to post some photos

Hey, I’m trying to post some of the photos from the Saulo Ribeiro seminar we had, but WordPress is being difficult. I will try later today to get them on here. Stupid technology.

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Tattoos and BJJ Training

We have a student who just got a tattoo on her shoulder, and is worried about training with basically a large scab on her back. 

Since I have never gotten a tattoo (yet), I am a little out of my league here. I have seen other team members train after a day or so, but make sure to keep the tattoo covered while they just drill and sit out, or go whole hog and spar as well. 

I know it needs to be kept moist, and some people cover their tattoos in Aquaphor, or cover it in Saran wrap. 

Anyone in the peanut gallery have any suggestions for jiu jitsu training with  a new tattoo?  


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Happy Monday Everyone!

Not what people usually say, but hey, it’s a whole new week of training: can’t be that bad, right?

Have a great Monday, including a great training session whenever you get into the gym, even if it’s tomorrow.

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Interesting Article About Women Starting Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu black belt Val Worthington wrote a pretty interesting article about helping men better understand the perspective of a woman starting out in the sport. While it may appear to be a large word count, it’s actually a pretty quick and easy read that I hope more guys read and take into consideration the next time a new woman starts their jiu jitsu program.

Check it out! 


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Boston Open Finals Match: Keenan Cornelius and Gianni Grippo

Georgette posted a video from GracieMag of the brown belt absolute finals match between Keenan Cornelius and Gianni Grippo at  the Boston Open. Both are really good jiu jitsu players, so it’s a little long, but pretty interesting most of the time.


Check it out! 

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Timing is Everything



Right up there with patience, timing I feel is one of the hardest things to teach in jiu jitsu. You can show someone techniques, how to turn, how to grab here, place the foot there, so on and so forth, but it’s timing that pulls the whole thing together and changes a series of what seem to be movements with no rhyme or reason into something effective and in some cases, quite beautiful.

The hard part in teaching timing isn’t so much the explaining part, even though that is a little challenging: it’s getting the student to fully understand the concept of timing in the situation the technique would be best applied. We don’t want to train people to respond in only one way to particular moves, but there are some common reactions, based on past experience and pure body mechanics. It’s those reactions, those opportunities we address and take advantage of, with our own positions we find effective from past experience and body mechanics.

It’s difficult, but immensely satisfying when someone finally gets the timing down. It may look a little different than how we do it, or how we do it, but the technique and timing are down, and the person may have adapted the technique for their game, which is pretty cool to watch.

So while timing may not be everything, it’s a pretty large part of jiu jitsu.


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Literary Critic: I’ve Become “That Guy”

I figure I am the only person who cares about this, but I’m going to rant about this anyway:

I tried to reading the beginning of a series by author Vince Flynn, called American Assassin.

Vince Flynn's American Assassin

There are some who have read the series and have enjoyed it, and I even think my father has found the spy/espionage plot intriguing. However, I couldn’t really get into it due to several reasons, including a whole implausible “CIA Messiah” role the  author has created, sort of like the Mary Jane/Wesley Crusher of the Political Fiction world (with no disrespect to Wil Wheaton, the actor who played Crusher and one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter).



Anyway, in the book, the character Mitch Rapp is apparently in perfect physical health and condition, is on a personal mission to get back at the painfully obvious “bad guys”, and Oh No! His one minor flaw is he has never shot a gun! But no big deal guys, within a day or so he could shoot the wings off a fly 500 yards award. LOLZ!

But back to my main point, the physical prowess. I admit I put the book down, but he apparently pulls off flying arm bars whenever he damn well pleases after training a year at a BJJ academy (which they call a dojo. Sigh.) and beating the hell out of everyone he rolled against. Another character in the book come up with some BS answer that he is was a super lacrosse player which contributes to his superhuman athletic prowess and impossible combat skills. Including practically becoming a BJJ black belt in about a year. And that’s when I became “that guy”, folks. I  became the practitioner of the sport they referenced in a book and (nearly) got offended. I think I would have been more offended if the physical attributes of this character hadn’t been so exaggerated.

I know this guy is successful. I get it: Vince Flynn’s doing what he loves, he’s made a product that people love and I wish him nothing but the best. Even if Glenn Beck is endorsing the book on the jacket, which would normally make me run for the hills. However, this is just absurd. I am pretty sure the writer saw an MMA fight, asked what the ground fighting was, got his answer and thought it was a great plot characteristic. Again, I am fully admitting that I have become that guy. I just can’t get past the thought that as a jiu jitsu practitioner he would still have to take years to hone the muscle memory needed for the sport, martial art, however the hell you want to use the skills. I am not saying white belts aren’t capable of executing flying armbars. I’m just saying it takes tons of time and practice to not only execute something like that, but to see the opportunity for it, to understand to get a feel for what feels like a good position and what is a poor one, how high you need to jump, how soon you need to throw your leg over the head, and everything else that’s entailed.

I read a lot, and it just annoyed me. It annoyed me enough that I had to put the book down. Actually that’s a lie: I put the book down when the antagonists basically embodied the caricature of what the Republican party no doubt thinks of when the word “Muslim” or “Islam” is mentioned. To me a good antagonist is one that you don’t agree with, but you can understand their motivations. And good protagonists are ones that develop through a plot: they are beaten down, they are mere mortals like the rest of us, but they have the courage and fortitude to struggle on to achieve what seems to be damn near impossible.

Ok, I’m done.


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Saulo Ribeiro Seminar, Tonight!



Saulo will be holding a seminar this evening at our academy.

Hooray! If I can, I will try to take photos. Otherwise, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Finding a Balance: Heavenly Footlock Fundraiser Results!

I’m seeing a lot of the dark side of the jiu jitsu community happen on the internet, not going to lie, it’s a little disheartening. So in an effort to focus on the good in the jiu jitsu community, I’m focusing on the super awesome fundraiser efforts of BJJHQ and Meerkatsu, who raised over $9,000 total through the sale of the Heavenly Footlock t-shirt. Which looks totally kickass BTW. Great job guys!

Forgot to get a t-shirt but still would like to do something? Meerkatsu is also pledging to grapple for 6 hours at a 24 hr grappling marathon, the same one slideyfoot is doing, to raise funds for Rape Crisis in the UK. So I urge anyone and everyone who may have just a little extra cash to throw some their way for a great cause.

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