At Pans

We’re here out in California at the Jiu jitsu Pans: our team has won some matches, lost others, but we’re all here for each other and we brought out about 14 competitors. Woo!

I compete on Sunday morning: I’ll let you know how it all goes.



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45 responses to “At Pans

  1. I’ll be competing Sunday as well. Good luck!

    • Katie

      Thanks, you too!

    • Katie

      What time are you fighting tomorrow?

      • My division is scheduled for 220. I’m Black belt Pesado. How about you, when do they have your division scheduled?

      • Katie

        They have all the adult brown belt females at 9am. Woooo… I imagine we’ll all still be at the venue at that time, so I’ll keep an eye out for your division

      • Ooo that’s early. If i’m here that early tomorrow ill keep an eye out for you. What division are you?

      • Katie

        Middle heavy, so I’ll probably be in the bullpen for a while, if they start from the lightest and work their way up. I think the black belt females are also supposed to fight at the same time. Should be interesting.

      • It will definitely be interesting.

        I don’t know about you but I’m pumped about competing and then getting a big meal afterwards! Haha.

      • Katie

        I totally understand: i’m definitely looking forward to competing. also I was saying earlier I’m way under weight, but there’s just some sort of ritual that I don’t want to eat a lot before I compete. Afterwards I’m totally hitting up the açai stand and the barbecue 🙂

      • Same here. I’m under as well and Ill eat a decent breakfast tomorrow before the competition. Nothing too heavy though. However, after its over I’m going to In and Out for my fat boy meal. Then back to the diet and get ready for New York.

        The açai stand is pretty good. I had a bowl earlier, it’s a little pricey though.

      • Katie

        I actually have never been to an In and Out: it’s my mission this year to try them out before flying back.

        The açai seems to go up in price every year: it sucks- someone should open up a competitive açai stand on the other side of the event center and go all Captains of Industry on them.

      • Yeah they don’t have them all over the country. Any time I’m out here I go to it. You gotta try it this year. Got anyone on your team who’s ready for a great delicious burger?

        Yeah it’s high this year. Haha, a little competition would definitely be a good thing. Especially considering how cheap the ingredients are.

      • Katie

        I’m the last one to fight so I think everyone else has had their fill of fast/junk food by this point, but we’ll see.

        I wonder just how much it would cost to prepare and import açai…hm…

      • Hah, I’m in the same boat as you. Everyone else is done and going out tonight. I’m stuck at the hotel lol. I can’t do anything tonight so I’m waiting for tomorrow after everything.

        Bananas, granola, coconut shavings and açai. . . Couldn’t be that much.

      • Katie

        Oh no, that sucks 😦 luckily I think we’re all going out to eat tonight, coming back to the hotel and then they’ll drink. I’m pretty sure that’s the plan anyway.

        I think the most expensive part would be the açai itself, since it’s only good for 24 hours after it’s been harvested, so I think they flash freeze the pulp to preserve it for an extended period of time.

      • Yeah it’s no fun. In this situation it’s not as much fun being the higher belt!

        Yeah the açai comes in frozen tubs. Similar to a sherbet or ice cream. You can buy small portions at Whole Foods. I’m not sure where the giant tubs come from. You seem very interested in this açai business. Are you planning on making a career change to the açai bowl business?

      • Katie


        Eh, tempting but probably not. I just find “sticking it to the man” appealing.

      • Hah, I can understand that. I’m just getting to the venue. How’d you do?

      • Katie

        Lost my first match to Sijara to a kimura, but I had the by so I still placed and registered for the open.

        Nice: our team’s in the front row of section 105. I think we’re in such a prime location that we’re hunkered down for the day.

      • Tough break. It happens, especially at a high level tournament like this. Good luck in the open!

        Thats awesome. Great spot for all the matches today. Well, I don’t know what you look like but if I see a female american brown belt named Katie, ill be sure to root for ya. Haha.

      • Katie

        Thanks- good luck in your division!

        Haha, we’re all walking around with Ribeiro competition team t-shirts and philly warrior hoodies on. What team are you with…or better yet what is your first name? I imagine they didn’t let you register as “chewy”

      • Haha I’m the only American in my bracket. I’m under Renato Tavares. We’re sitting in section 117.

      • How’d your open division go?

      • Katie

        Lost my first round- triangle, I totally did it to myself and gave Jen the perfect set up while I was trying to get out, which is frustrating. Good for her for catching it though. i think I saw you fight actually- were you wearing bluish/teal headphones?

      • It’s totally frustrating. The experience is invaluable though. I messed myself up yesterday in the open as well.

        Yeah I was wearing the teal colored headphones. I won my first match and lost my second to Lucas Leite.

      • Katie

        It is: and at least I was able to play my game, and have a chance to see where I need to improve.

        I saw your first match then: good job on the submission! I say that deserve an In and Out Burger

      • That’s the important part. Being comfortable enough to play your game. Then find the weaknesses and fix them. Plus competition is just fun!

        Thanks! I hope it’s deserving of a burger because I’m getting one after the finals! Are you getting one after the tournament as well?

      • Katie

        Haha, very true!

        No 😦 we have reservations at a restaurant nearby for after the finals. Whomp whomp.

      • Darn, well that’s no fun. Hope the team dinner is good though.

      • Katie

        It should be: I’m thinking tomorrow I will try to convince everyone to stop and get some burgers on our way to the airport. I imagine everyone’s going to party tonight so the greasy food will be more appealing than usual

      • Where are you guys going?

        I’m not sure what we are doing tonight. I’m a light weight when it comes to drinking anyways.

      • Katie

        We’re headed to some restaurant around here- something to do with yards? We’re celebrating some birthdays as well. Most of the heavy drinking I think will be done in the hotel.

        I’m pretty much a light weight as well, it’s all good.

      • Hmm never heard of it. Granted I don’t know anything out here. Yeah, we will have a few beers afterwards at the hotel too.

        I’m a lightweight plus I haven’t drank in a while leading up to this tournament.

      • Katie

        Yeah, for the past few nights we’ve just gone to that outdoor shopping mall close to the venue, the district, so trying someplace new should be interesting.

        Same: I haven’t really drank since January. I plan on just relaxing and not getting too crazy.

      • Katie

        The fitness room was a converted regular suite, and the breakfast situation had to do with vouchers and an assembly line for breakfast. And the coffee is terrible, and that’s just a crime against nature.

      • That sounds awful. Bad coffee is not acceptable. The peets coffee place is pretty tasty. Did you check it out?

        The courtyard was decent and had a hot tub too, which I plan to use later!

      • Katie

        I’ve had peet’s before, just not on this trip. The first morning I tried the coffee at the hotel, immediately went to Starbucks and bought a box of via for anyone who wanted it for the rest of the trip.

        Time in the hot tub sounds awesome right about now.

      • It was my first time. I liked peets coffee.

        I just had 2 in and out burgers! I’m a fat boy. 🙂 How was your dinner ?

        The hot tub is most awesome after a tournament .

      • Katie

        Haha, you earned them. Peet’s is good; I don’t know if saxbys is that popular but they are also good. La colombe torrefaction, a roaster out of Philly also has some pretty phenomenal coffee.

        Dinner was delicious: burgers and red wine FTW!

        Also hot tub time is pretty awesome post tournament 🙂

      • Never had any of those. Louisville is a big coffee and food town. Tons of local coffee shops and roasters. Tons or local restaurants too. Next time im in Philly ill be sure to check those places out.

        Burger and red wine is a fitting post tournament meal.

        When do you head back to Philadelphia?

      • Katie

        That’s pretty cool: Philly is slowly becoming a foodie town. If you’re up in Philly for some reason and want to go on a coffee tour, definitely let me know.

        The burgers and wine seemed like a good idea at the time: it was a pretty regrettable decision later.

        We’re all headed to go kart world and flying out around 6pm: when are you headed out?

      • Ill take ya up on that sometime. Do you think I would be welcome to train at your gym as well?

        Regrettable, too much wine?

        We are headed to my friends gym in Tucson and I leave for Louisville tomorrow.

      • Katie

        Sweet: let me double check with my coach before I give you any definitive answer.

        I think it was just all the things I haven’t been eating for the past couple of months and my body didn’t take too kindly to it all at once.

        Nice- have fun! We had people fighting pretty much every day so we were at the tournament from beginning to end the entire time: basically we’re all a little Jiu jitsu-ed out and need a day for some fun.

      • Cool, let me know. 🙂 my email address is chewjitsu@gmail. You or him could email me there.

        Yeah, I know what you mean. My body felt a bit off after the burgers last night. I didn’t drink any wine though. I relaxed.

        A nice relaxing day of no Bjj can be a good way to recharge before getting back to training. Hope you guys enjoy the go karts and chilling out.

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