Tattoos and BJJ Training

We have a student who just got a tattoo on her shoulder, and is worried about training with basically a large scab on her back. 

Since I have never gotten a tattoo (yet), I am a little out of my league here. I have seen other team members train after a day or so, but make sure to keep the tattoo covered while they just drill and sit out, or go whole hog and spar as well. 

I know it needs to be kept moist, and some people cover their tattoos in Aquaphor, or cover it in Saran wrap. 

Anyone in the peanut gallery have any suggestions for jiu jitsu training with  a new tattoo?  


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5 responses to “Tattoos and BJJ Training

  1. Personally I would wait at least a week. The last thing you want is infection or too much rubbing on a fresh tattoo. Even covering it with a waterproof type bandage, like they use for wounds in hospital, you will still do a lot of sweating under it.

    It also depends how big it is and where. On a shoulder and if its a fair size I would be waiting! I’m pretty heavily tattooed and generally when I get tattooed it is a fair size. I’ll give it at least a week. I’ll even wait at least 3-4 days before doing any stand up or any kind of ‘sweaty’ excercise. It’s seriously not worth the risk. Not just infection, but any kind of scratching/rubbing can leave little scars which could ruin it.

    Everyone has different ideas, but I prefer to stay on the safe side. I’d rather be out for a week or so than risk it and possibly be out for longer! Hope that helps

  2. SavageKitsune

    Don’t train till the scab falls off and it’s all healed. Otherwise the sweat and rubbing can infect the tattoo and even mess up the lines/coloring.

  3. Yes. Two weeks. No training.

  4. Katie

    thanks for the responses guys!

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