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Finding a Balance: Heavenly Footlock Fundraiser Results!

I’m seeing a lot of the dark side of the jiu jitsu community happen on the internet, not going to lie, it’s a little disheartening. So in an effort to focus on the good in the jiu jitsu community, I’m focusing on the super awesome fundraiser efforts of BJJHQ and Meerkatsu, who raised over $9,000 total through the sale of the Heavenly Footlock t-shirt. Which looks totally kickass BTW. Great job guys!

Forgot to get a t-shirt but still would like to do something? Meerkatsu is also pledging to grapple for 6 hours at a 24 hr grappling marathon, the same one slideyfoot is doing, to raise funds for Rape Crisis in the UK. So I urge anyone and everyone who may have just a little extra cash to throw some their way for a great cause.

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