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The Expansion of Tournaments

It’s funny, because I was just talking about this with a teammate: we had recently attended a NAGA tournament, and while usually those tournaments end at 4, maybe 5 o’clock, this one dragged on all the way to 7, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you’ve been in the same event center since 8am, it gets pretty tiresome.

I had mentioned to my teammate that it seemed like tournaments were not accommodating to the influx of competitors, or really just the influx of jiu jitsukas in general, leading to the delays. You now have large chains such as Tiger Shulmann (it’s an East Coast thing,I think: according to Wikipedia has 47 schools in over 5 states) getting in on the jiu jitsu game, and other academies getting more savvy about their marketing and recruitment of students, so naturally there are going to be more people at these tournaments. For Pete’s sake there was a Director’s division for women that day: that’s awesome, but almost unheard of, and nearly impossible to consider 10 years ago (Director is the 40-50 year division).

Apparently I am not the only person to mention this, that or IBJJF is really good at taking preemptive action: they have extended some of their bigger tournaments to 5 days, instead of their previous 4. That or someone complained about their tournaments taking too long, and someone took notice. Tournament delays have been been a tale as old as time, as long as I have been competing, but it’s nice to see an organization actually attempting to do something about it.

I was saying it would also be wonderful if IBJJF could set up a Google calendar everyone could sync their phones with, so they could receive reminder notifications when tournament registration deadlines were coming up. That might take a while, but a girl can dream.

Any other improvements you think these tournament organizations could make? Let me know!

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