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Grappling Time is Sacred Time

I have to admit, I just may be a little bit of a workaholic. When I have a task to complete at work, I get super committed to getting it done. Which is good for my boss, which usually is good for me too. But, there is one time of the day where I refuse to pick up my phone, answer emails, or do anything work related.

And that, my friends, is grappling time.

As I have mentioned before, jiu jitsu is a great stress reliever, sort of my “reset” button after stressing out about the day. Which happens to all of us, of course. But there has to be a time in everyone’s day where they take a break, relax and get away from whatever was stressing them out. Granted, it’s a very rare occasion that I will pick up any work after jiu jitsu, but there have been a few occasions when something required my attention right up to class time.

Then it’s no can-do, friendo. Granted, I’m not a neurosurgeon, firefighter or brand new mother, so I can put these sorts of rules into place for my schedule.

People occasionally have commented how surprised they are that I have the discipline to maintain this schedule, but that’s not it: just like you take the time to brush your teeth in the morning because it’s good for your teeth, I take class because it’s good for my body, and mind.

Anyone else set these boundaries for themselves when it comes to class/training time? Does it work particularly well for you? Let me know!


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