Anti Doping Testing for Jiu Jitsu Competitions

Well then.

According to the IBJJF main page, starting with this upcoming Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship 10 randomly selected male and female black belt competitors will be selected to be tested for any prohibited substances.

As with most things in life, I can see the pros and cons to this sort of thing: the pros including the hope that this will deter anyone currently using, or thinking about using a PED. There will become a more even playing field for all, which of course is always preferable.

The only cons I really see to this include: it probably takes extra time, and money to get these tests done. I would still go through the test, I would just gripe about taking extra time out to complete the test. Just because. It’s also surprising what is allowed and what is not. I personally checked out the site to see if my favorite drug- caffeine- was on the list, and thankfully we can all still have our morning cups of joe or a couple of bottles of Diet Coke since it is a “not prohibited” item. Yay! Benadryl is also not prohibited, so that’s good to know.

There are a few that are surprising that may be on the list. I don’t know, I went specifically to the Anti-Doping Agency’s website and jiu jitsu was not listed. Someone on facebook did mention that cannabis would be banned, Adderall would be out (understandable), asthma medication is a no go due to steroids in the medication’s formula, and if you have come down with a case of the sniffles, lay off the cold medication a couple of days before the tournament due to the ingredient pseudoephedrine. If the medication you are taking has a banned substance in it, there is a Therapeutic Use Exemption form that you would have to fill out, and I imagine have a doctor sign off on.

So, that’s all the information I have for now. When I know more I’ll post it.

What do you guys think about the random testing for doping?




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5 responses to “Anti Doping Testing for Jiu Jitsu Competitions

  1. I think that with it being only 10 random blackbelts being tested, the lower belts who are using will go on merrily doing so. Some of the blackbelts will too… figuring the odds are they won’t get picked to be tested, or that they can fool the test. It’s amazing how many drug users- who KNOW that they are going to be tested, on SET dates- still get busted.

  2. MC

    Your only objection is the extra time??! Seriously? Have you ever been drug tested? I have been, a lot. I couldn’t care less for a little time taken out of a long day of athletic competition for a drug test. In fact, I’m glad the association in charge of the sport I love finally purports to care enough about fair play to test athletes, and am ready and willing to contribute to testing at any belt level. But having someone watch you go in a cup never stops being awkward. That would be my objection, if I had one. I assume USADA is competent enough that it doesn’t let athletes make their contribution out of sight of an observer.

    If the IBJJF writes a ban on performance enhancing drugs into their rule book, I’ll be thrilled. It would be bad if someone pops positive at the Pan Ams but is not disciplined by the IBJJF. Also, all the winners should be tested, in addition to the random sample.

    • Katie

      Yup, that is one of my few, and probably only objection. It’s funny because you seem both enraged and elated about this testing. In the grand scheme of things I would hope that it would lessen the use of PEDs. I think it’s absurd to use steroids or to dope up in this sport anyway, but that’s another discussion for another time. Do I find it personally a waste of time to take a test I know will come back negative? Yes, yes I do. Would I still take the test because I understand that you can’t just take someone at their word because even the users will claim innocence? Absolutely.

      • MC

        Yeah, sorry about getting all worked up and being unclear. I find it degrading to pee in front of an observer, even when I know it’s necessary or fair. I was kind of stunned that that doesn’t bother you. I also find it ironic and a little insulting that champions for whom athletic competition generates monetary gain and who are lionized for their abilities don’t have to be tested at all. Especially since there’s never been any reason to suspect me (from my perspective, anyway) at my job, but there is reason to suspect some of them. So of course, I think it’s about time they are tested.

  3. Cougar or

    Good. Test and test some more if competitors choose to have no honor and cheat this is unfortunately what has to be done. People that take PEDs are cowards. I’d rather finish with a 3rd place metal knowing that I earned it on my own. I’ve played sports on the college level and have competed at these high level Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and it’s more appalling to me to hear of high level Jiu Jitsu competitors partaking in PEDs then say a collegiate football player. Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art and the code and principles of honor and discipline have seemed more pronounced throughout training-teachings to me then say what I’ve seen throughout years playing other sports. Testing has to be done because the real teachings of Jiu Jitsu and the self policing teachings of the art as a whole have been lost. Even most good instructors have a method of a do as I say not as I do teaching style since they say the correct thing but their actions dictate a win first, me first mentality, typically money-ego driven. Supporting your school and family financially is a must but it must also be balanced against maintaining the integrity of the martial art and what it stands for. The UFC clown machine and the new age social media frenzy has produced a bunch of practitioners that are more concerned about their YouTube hits and twitter followers than they are about discovering and following the path of what being a true Jiu Jitsu black belt is all about. The social media has produced a bunch of wanna be Jiu Jitsu and martial art celebrities, it has produced a bunch of ego hungry people all chasing the attention. It’s sad but funny to watch at the same time because what they are chasing isn’t real, it’s a fruitless pursuit. This is totally off point of what Jiu Jitsu is all about, and this is all tied into and leads to people forgetting the roots of the martial art, staying true to it, and staying away from PEDs. It’s a strong overall trend I have seen over a decade of practicing martial arts, and Bjj. I can go on but I don’t expect many to want to read more if any have at all lol.

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