So I wanted to finish my thought yesterday, but actually I was one of the people who received a stripe!

It’s definitely an honor, and as I told my fellow brown belt and friend- it’s kind of weird. But cool. but weird.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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4 responses to “Stripe!

  1. AnthonyR

    Definately cool…

  2. meghanbrown11

    Hey! I train at a Ribeiro academy in Toledo, and am the only girl over the age of 14 (I’m in my early 20s). I’m a 4 stripe white belt and have only been training about 6 months. I think it’s awesome that there’s another Ribeiro girl out there who’s a seasoned veteran brown belt! There’s a serious lack of girls around here. I love your blog! I just started one, and hope one day it’s as cool as yours. Congratulations on the stripe!! OSS.

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