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Congratulations and Different Classes for Ranks: the Cons

I will give my short list for the cons of separating classes, but first congratulations to our students who got stripes, and to Matt for his promotion to purple belt- congrats Matt!

Anyway, back to the cons of teaching classes that have been separated by rank. I don’t think there are very many, but here’s the short list I came up with. I very much favor having classes separated, but in an attempt to be fair I’m going to keep my mouth…er, fingers… shut and not argue against these points.

Lower ranks don’t have as much interaction with higher ranks– lamentable, but true: if they are kept with their white belt brethren, there’s less of a chance to mingle with the higher ranks

Lower ranks have less of an opportunity to drill or train with a higher rank- someone mentioned their game improved immensely when they trained with a higher rank when they were a white belt, which I could understand.

Lower ranks don’t have as many opportunities to see the more advanced stuff- I could argue they don’t really need to see anything too fancy and get overwhelmed at such an early stage, but for some people I’m sure they would love to see what lies ahead for them in their jiu jitsu career.

So there you have it: personally I think the pros outweigh the cons, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

What do you guys think?

**UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t make myself very clear;  I am in favor of separating some of the classes, not all of them. Carry on!**


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