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Different Classes for Ranks: The Pros

Someone on facebook posted an aritcle on the pros and cons of dividing a class according to rank. We recently did the same thing at our academy, and I think it will be beneficial for the lower belts. Here’s a short list of why:

A heavy focus on the basics– in a white belt class there can be more of an emphasis on the simple stuff, and even if they have heard the information before, they’re white belts and could use the extra repetition.

The class is geared toward a specific group, rather than a broader audience– Sort of hand in hand with the previous item, say you’re teaching a mixed class, and while you have higher ranks there you can mention some things and combinations of techniques and common problems that you are sure they have encountered. There is no guarantee like that with the white belt though, so you run a pretty high risk of confusing them.

Less students, and therefore more individualized attention- this one is just simple math: a divided class means less students taking up mat space, which gives the instructor an opportunity to focus their attention on a smaller number of students

Chance for higher ranks to teach and hone that skill- For those who are higher ranks, especially students below black and brown belt, this is a perfect opportunity if they decide they want to teach to take advantage of that opportunity.

I’m running out of time, so I’ll go over the cons tomorrow, but that’s my short list for the benefits to a divided class.

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