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Interesting Brazilian Article from GracieMag

GracieMag posted this interesting article about a Brazilian journalist and his objection to the violence found in UFC.

“The UFC’s Popular? So is Crack”

Yes, some matches end up bloodier then others, but if we are lambasting popular contact sports and their violence, where the reference to boxing? Or hell, football and hockey? For real, hockey is pretty damn violent considering it’s really just about guys skating around a rink, pushing a puck into a netted goal.

While I agree MMA (not just the UFC) is violent, it’s tiring as a fan of MMA to watching the “new kid on the block” being singled out as a vicious, brutal sport that is only out for blood and gore: yes, UFC sort of did it to itself with the years of reference to a gladiator in its opening sequence, but that’s  a conversation I don’t feel like getting into. First and foremost, that’s (I sincerely hope) not what the majority of people are paying to see: people want to see two skilled athletes use their best techniques and wit to win over the other opponent, which can also be said about boxing. MMA just happens to have more options and avenues to achieve that win. Of course you’ll have people who boo at the ground game, but I’m sure there are boxing fans that don’t care about the artful dodging and weaving, the footwork, the blocking, and just want to see some guy get punched in the face until he’s unconscious.

Talk about the violence in MMA, and the UFC, but don’t make it the sole scapegoat to point out humanity’s bloodlust.

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