Youtube BJJ Technique Videos: Worth it?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really watched a Youtube technique video all the way through in, like, forever. Chalk it up to all the time I’m in class, of my limited attention span for anything longer then a gif or webisode nowadays, but while a lot of people watch them with a religious like fervor, I just go to class and get my jiu jitsu from the class setting.

How many people do find them useful though? Be honest- I certainly won’t judge. There are definitely days where I think they could be potentially helpful, but then I get distracted by great procrastination-enabler known as the internet, and I just never get around to it.

So what about you, do you watch technique videos off of youtube? Do you generally find them helpful?




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6 responses to “Youtube BJJ Technique Videos: Worth it?

  1. Jaime

    I don’t watch them. What’s the point of paying for class and then going to the Internet to watch a video?

  2. Nat

    For the most part I don’t search for anything particular, but I wil admit to spending some time surfing around while waiting in the dentist’s office, waiting for my girls to get out of Yoga class, etc. And every great once in awhile one of my instructors will email a link to a vid to flesh out a concept or show in a “real world” comp scenario how something can be applied. Those I do find helpful.

    In the end though, I always find myself so deep in the interwebs after about an hour I have no idea how or why I got to watching what I am.

    How do you feel about instructional DVDs? When first starting out I found them indespensible. Now, I’m like “Eh, I’ll ask about it in class.”

  3. I use YouTube extensively, most often to get more depth when I’m working on a specific project. I’ll also use the internets to get more detail on moves we cover in, say, a beginner’s class where the focus might not be on details.

  4. BeeJayJayee

    Long time reader, first time commentor – great blog btw…

    For me, mostly class will do, but when I do watch videos, I seem to get more from viewing competition footage (athletes my weight and size) than that of instructional videos/DVDs.

    But another question to this point – would you consider youtube (or other ‘one-off’ videos that may or may not be put out by qualified instructors) to be of more or less use as that of the long-version tutorials/ structured video curriculum (through pay-sites), like that of: the Gracie Academy, Alliance, Mendes Bros, Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia, Draculino and others, that have started flooding the market?

    Just curious.

    • Leaahh

      I work for one of the big names you mentioned there, so I’ve had a chance to go through his online training program pretty extensively, and it’s really cool. I don’t watch technique videos or DVDs regularly, but I really like that he films all his techniques in class, so I don’t have to go through a lot of chatter about this or that to get to the technique. Really helps me review, and they’re in little bite-sized snippets so I don’t get bored or irritated.

      On a more general note, regarding the topic at large, when I watch BJJ videos, I generally watch competitions. That’s when you get to see techniques live; they’re full-speed and full-power. In some technique videos, instructors will hide details that they’ll only teach at their academies; you can’t hide details in competition.

  5. The only time I’ve really ever watched youtube videos is occasionally when I am trying to remember a technique and sorta can’t I search to see if I can find something to jog my memory…but never to try and learn something new…BJJ just doesn’t translate for me that way.

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