The most Difficult Time of the Year (to Stay on a Diet)

Cookies, candies, parties…

You want to take part in the holiday cheer without looking like you are attempting to emulate Santa’s “bowl full of jelly” figure.

I have to say I’m doing ok so far. No real sugar binge, and so far only one party where I really imbibed. I have to confess, there has been the occasional cookie, but as much as I train on a normal basis, I think I can handle the consequences.

It’s sort of difficult, in the fact that you want to be a part of the holiday cheer, and still be in (somewhat) prime condition. We tend to associate food with the holidays and celebration. It’s a wonderful tradition, just not so wonderful when you eat a ton of candy and then realize you have a tournament you are competing in two months from now. Yeesh.

How are you guys doing? Are you artfully dodging sugar plums dancing around you, or have you decided “screw it” and go all in?

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