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Hey, We’re in Graciemag!

Our Academy is in Graciemag, along with some photos-hooray!

check it out!

Training at Maxercise

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Goals for 2013

So the biggest things I want to work on this upcoming year is a 20 in 20 project….I hope that’s what it’s called…

Mainly, I really want to get into the habit of creative writing. I mentioned before it relaxes me, and it’s something that I really want to do more, but right now I’m pretty darn inconsistent with it.

So, I’m thinking I will write a short story a week, or a scene for some pieces longer I have (inconsistently) been working on, for 20 weeks. I’m tempted to put everything onto my little creative writing blog I set up, but turning it into an invite only blog: which I know is lame, but I fear the quality will be…sub par, to put it lightly. Which is a little scary to consider. But, I’m looking for quantity over quality at this point: to get into the habit of writing and just putting it out there, not just waiting for a good idea to come along.

Oh, and butterfly guard. And this thing where I lead with my head when I do a knee cross, which gives my opponent an opportunity to block me. And firma sweeps. See, I still snuck some jiu jitsu in there.

Do you have any goals for 2013?

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I would rather compete then…

It’s funny: there are a number of normal everyday life things I hate doing, and if given the choose of doing them, or stepping on a mat for a tournament, which I consider highly stressful right before you actually compete. But I would readily go through the stress of competition then these everyday events. Some examples:

1. Sending company wide emails.
2. Calling a stranger to give them bad news, or tell tell them something that will inconvenience them
3. ….

Yeah, that’s about all I have so far, but what about you?


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Losing the Christmas Sweater

Ok, so this weekend I fell off the diet wagon and sort of rolled into the ditch of Christmas cookies and desserts. While I don’t think such a short period of cheating will break the bank, there is a chance I will (have) gained some weight, which I have referred to in the past as a Christmas sweater you can’t take off.

Which isn’t true: technically it can come off, it just takes a lot of sweating and physical activity. And stepping away from the cookie jar.

So, for everyone who has acquired “a Christmas sweater” this holiday season, have fun training and good luck peeling that sucker off.

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Happy Holidays!

I’ll be heading out of state in a couple of hours, and while I always bring my laptop with me, to be perfectly honest I rarely use it. I tend to be all about spending time with family and using technology as little as possible.

I’m odd, I know. It’s the endearing sort though.

Everyone have a great holiday, or hell, just a lovely Monday and Tuesday.

See you all in a couple of days!

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Gi Commercial Review

There’s a new commercial for a gi company, Mata Leon, that’s been posted around Facebook -which means I am probably the last person to watch/comment on it, but whatever. Here it is:

Kind of an interesting concept, and I like the fact they chose a woman, rather then just go straight to marketing for dudes. I kind of expected that last shot, but all in all pretty good.

Funny enough, the main thing I noticed was her hair cut, and how she seemed to solve the problem of having those side pieces from being ripped out: she just shaved the sides off. If my hair wasn’t so curly, that would be extremely tempting.

What do you think of the video?


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A Jiu jitsu Student By Any Other Name…

Has anyone decided the “official” name for someone who trains in Jiu jitsu? I like jitsuka, mainly because it follows the same rules as judoka: whatever you do, add a “ka” at the end. It’s also a nod to its Japanese roots.

But, there is also the whole Brazilian past, and present influence. Lutador has been thrown around, but mainly on clothing. I’m not in love with it, but it could work.

Should we all follow in Ralek’s example and call ourselves “G’s in gi’s?” (in case you’re wondering, the appropriate answer is no).

Let me know what you think!


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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Bad Jiujitsuka

I have talked about some of these things here, but here is the full list, by way of Facebook,  in all its glory in a colorful illustration:

Learn it, live it, love it.

"Hey, you wanna train?"

“Hey, you wanna train?”

I would like to mention for the record I tried plugging in the web address at the bottom and the site is instead owned by some domain company, so I am going to credit this photo to DSTRYRsg for pointing it out, and the weird, wacky world of the internet.

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The most Difficult Time of the Year (to Stay on a Diet)

Cookies, candies, parties…

You want to take part in the holiday cheer without looking like you are attempting to emulate Santa’s “bowl full of jelly” figure.

I have to say I’m doing ok so far. No real sugar binge, and so far only one party where I really imbibed. I have to confess, there has been the occasional cookie, but as much as I train on a normal basis, I think I can handle the consequences.

It’s sort of difficult, in the fact that you want to be a part of the holiday cheer, and still be in (somewhat) prime condition. We tend to associate food with the holidays and celebration. It’s a wonderful tradition, just not so wonderful when you eat a ton of candy and then realize you have a tournament you are competing in two months from now. Yeesh.

How are you guys doing? Are you artfully dodging sugar plums dancing around you, or have you decided “screw it” and go all in?

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Bad Asses Who Would have been more badass with BJJ

My wish list of tv/film heroes who I think would have gone from super cool, to impossibly cool, if they had some grappling skills. Some of these references will probably be old, since I haven’t watched regular TV for some time:

1. Captain Mal from Firefly

2. Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: Next Generation

3. James Bond (I’m talking Sean Connery, not Daniel Craig)

4. And, from my favorite show in junior high, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Just imagine it: that intense moment when you think all is lost because the hero is flat on his back in a fight scene?

No problem!

I can’t remember if Picard ever really fought anyone, but it’s just cool to think if Sir Patrick Stewart pulling a slick sweep on someone.

Who would be on your wish list?

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