Fit and Fat at the Gym

Hey guys, something weird is going on with the WordPress login screen, so I’m going to make this short.

Interestingly, when I was heavier I was still (sporadically) going going to the gym several times a week. There’s an article on the site Jezebel about working out when your heavier that I could certainly relate to (I’ll post the link later when WP lets me log on an actual computer). There’s a certain feeling that heavier people should hide in the background, slink in and out and barely noticed: we’re invading “fit people country” and if we wanted to stay there we should be quiet and stealthy, like chubby ninjas.

Hm, I like that imagery.

Anyway, i’m in a place where that mindset doesn’t exist thankfully, and i can see that it needs to be abolished on both sides of the fence. Fit and getting fit can live in harmony, but both sides need to be willing to take the first step.


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4 responses to “Fit and Fat at the Gym

    • Katie

      Oh, that makes me happy, considering I just saw on imgur an image of someone posted on Facebook how guys were making fun of a heavier girl at the gym when they thought she had her music on. Those guys were jerks- this guy (guy, right?) is awesome.

    • OMG. I just went and read that…cried. That was me two years ago when I started my jiu jitsu journey.
      Great post Katie! 🙂

  1. I read that article and I didn’t know what to make of it. Though, just like her, my reaction is based on personal experience. I have been passed, beaten, schooled, humbled, etc, by people older, heavier, more physically disadvantaged, than me. So when I see a larger person working out, I see a colleague, not someone who is getting in my way.

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