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Experimental Phase

Sometimes getting better at jiu jitsu requires repetition of the basics, particular fundamentals and creating muscle memories of key techniques and submissions.

But sometimes it’s good, and fun, to experiment. Try something a little different- mix together some of those fundamentals for something that works for your game and situations that may come up in your game, or new things that you can try for. Lately I have been in a sort of experimental phase, trying different things, losing, but attempting.

It’s part of what makes jiu jitsu interesting- think of the moves you learn in class like learning the basic ingredients and their basic properties: what they go best with, the most appropriate situations to use them in, and maybe a few “sample recipes” to get you started. From there, hopefully the idea is you will put together your own “signature recipe” that works best with your strengths and style.

At least I think that’s the idea, anyway.

Granted, there will be a good deal of trial and error involved but remember it’s better to try and fail, then never knowing if you could have possibly succeeded.

Is there anything you have been trying recently? Playing around with different set ups for submissions, sweeps, etc?


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