Goal Setting

I thought I was going to have a lot more trouble with loading photos onto the blog. That worked a lot better than I had anticipated.

Anyway, I am thinking of setting some goals for myself. Mainly because I am a goal oriented person, and there are some things in my life that I want to accomplish that while it would be tempting to fall into the holiday trap of making a New Years Resolution.

I like the idea of accomplishing a goal in a set period of time, like Julia and her 20 weeks project- a pretty long time, but to be committed to doing something for a long time is what makes those sorts of things habitual and the slow change will more than likely being about a longer-lasting result.

I will ponder on this and let you know what I decide.

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One response to “Goal Setting

  1. I think the key to keeping your goals:

    1) accountability – to others, to yourself, to a partner, your readers, etc.
    2) assessing/reassessing – is it working – are you keeping with it? Why or why not.
    3) checking in – setting some check points – mid goals, as it were.
    4) a long term mentality – in that if you don’t do it ONE DAY you don’t feel like you should just give up.

    good luck to you! I hope I can support you in your goals!

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