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It All Comes With a Price

Have to admit, I’ve been watching “Once Upon a Time”- a show where all the familiar fairy tale characters run amok through a little town in Maine. It’s more complicated then that, but that’s about all I want to invest in when it comes to explaining the plot.

One of the main characters,¬†Rumpelstiltskin, has a tag line that magic always “comes with a price”- you can’t have what you want without paying for it in some way. Which I feel can be applied to jiu jitsu: they are prices we are willing to pay, but when you think about it, there are sacrifices that are made when training.

Luckily though you don’t have to deal with this creepy bastard every time you want to learn a fancy new technique…

Gi burn, mat burn, accidental black eyes, dislocated toes, popped ribs, that pain in your back from that time you tried that upside-down spider/tornado guard…thing that didn’t turn out so well. The dieting before tournaments, the worrying about dieting before tournaments: it’s all a part of the price we pay for jiu jitsu.

But, since it’s something we really care about and something we want to excel in, we continue to make those deals and sacrifices: because it’s in the pursuit of something that makes us happy, and ultimately will keep us healthy and relatively spry in our old age.

I hope.

Here’s a question: if you could ask our creepy fairy tale fellow up there for one technique, one submission that ¬†you could be the absolute best at, what would it be? But remember, when it comes to magic, wishes and other short cuts, these quick fixes always “come with a price”. If you think of something, please by all means let me know.






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