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Use It or Lose It

I have a terrible confession.

I can’t really do pull ups- or chin ups for that matter anymore. Granted, I’ve only tried once, but I attempted a few on Friday and was barely able to do one. I has a sad.

While disappointing, it’s one of those lessons you learn the hard the hard way: you need to use what you have, or you’re at risk of losing it.

Sometimes it just happens naturally through the evolution of your game; that really awesome choke set up you used to have and stopped doing for a while suddenly doesn’t happen so easily anymore. It just happens-but the good news is, sometimes it happens to make way for something cooler, and more advanced.

And, more good news- sometimes you can get it back- unfortunately that comes with a price; harder work then when it was first learned, and it may not be exactly how you remembered it, but it can come back.

That being said, I will be heading back to the pull up bar and working back up to a respectable amount of chin ups, and hopefully a couple of pull ups.



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Google Plus!

So I am attempting to be more Social Media Savvy, and have put a profile specifically for my blog on Google Plus! yay!

Add me to your circle…or whatever people do on that site anymore. I’m going to give this a try and see how it goes.

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