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Fit and Fat at the Gym

Hey guys, something weird is going on with the WordPress login screen, so I’m going to make this short.

Interestingly, when I was heavier I was still (sporadically) going going to the gym several times a week. There’s an article on the site Jezebel about working out when your heavier that I could certainly relate to (I’ll post the link later when WP lets me log on an actual computer). There’s a certain feeling that heavier people should hide in the background, slink in and out and barely noticed: we’re invading “fit people country” and if we wanted to stay there we should be quiet and stealthy, like chubby ninjas.

Hm, I like that imagery.

Anyway, i’m in a place where that mindset doesn’t exist thankfully, and i can see that it needs to be abolished on both sides of the fence. Fit and getting fit can live in harmony, but both sides need to be willing to take the first step.


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Side Note

Sorry, today’s looking to be crazy busy, so a possible no go on any sort of lengthy post.

Did see someone dropped by my blog with the search term “nsfw blogger”.

Ah hahahahaha.

That is all.

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Experimental Phase

Sometimes getting better at jiu jitsu requires repetition of the basics, particular fundamentals and creating muscle memories of key techniques and submissions.

But sometimes it’s good, and fun, to experiment. Try something a little different- mix together some of those fundamentals for something that works for your game and situations that may come up in your game, or new things that you can try for. Lately I have been in a sort of experimental phase, trying different things, losing, but attempting.

It’s part of what makes jiu jitsu interesting- think of the moves you learn in class like learning the basic ingredients and their basic properties: what they go best with, the most appropriate situations to use them in, and maybe a few “sample recipes” to get you started. From there, hopefully the idea is you will put together your own “signature recipe” that works best with your strengths and style.

At least I think that’s the idea, anyway.

Granted, there will be a good deal of trial and error involved but remember it’s better to try and fail, then never knowing if you could have possibly succeeded.

Is there anything you have been trying recently? Playing around with different set ups for submissions, sweeps, etc?


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Post Holiday Grind

Well, it’s over folks, the thanks-giving, the eating, the time with family you don’t see that often, the second helpings of that delicious pie someone made/bought and more.

But it’s all over folks. It’s back to the sweating, the training, with the hope of sweating out some of gravy you poured over the turkey, stuffing, and maybe burn off some of that weird jiggly red stuff everyone likes to pretend is “cranberry sauce”.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying out some different things that I have been playing around with. What are you looking forward to?

Or are you dreading burning off all those calories you packed in over the holiday?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Kurt Osiander’s Leg Drag Pass

I’m totally borrowing this from DSTRYRSG’s site: it’s Kurt Osiander and an interesting pass: my only pseudo issue lies with someone holding onto your ankles and attempting to either ankle dump you, or simply block your pass. It shouldn’t be an issue, but the possibility is there.


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Wattpad: the Pros and Cons

Just a heads up, this has nothing to do with jiu jitsu, and everything to do with writing.

I was on the site Wattpad all weekend: an online community where writers can submit stories and supposedly submit feedback so the author can improve. Overall I like the site, and I dig the mission, but there are a couple of things that have annoyed me a little:

1. Everyone is too nice. I understand no one wants to be hated for harsh criticism,  but at the same time there are gaping plot holes or stereotypes that I just can’t get past that no one seems to attempt to address.

This has also caused me to create a term I think we should start to use. Hopefully you’ve heard about the Mary Sue: the seemingly perfect protagonist with little to no serious character flaw, which is seen as an ideal representation of the author. I would like to propose the term the Edward Cullen- a character who is the author’s ideal representation of a mate, again with little to no character flaws and really little to no personality while we’re at it: their whole existence hinges on the fact they adore and worship the protagonist, and offer platitudes concerning how beautiful, unique and emotionally strong the character is, even though the protagonist may think of themselves as unattractive, awkward, etc…

Yeah, I found a lot of that.

There’s also a term I have thoroughly enjoyed since contestant Michael Knight said it on Project Runway: Captain Save-a-Ho.

2. Stop ‘casting’ you characters with real actors. When we read our favorite books, of course we wonder what actors would play a tv/film adaptation of said work. BUT, these writers have already decided that cast, which I feel hinders the imagination of both reader and writer. What I don’t like the actor the writer has chosen and decided to not read their story? What if there is a killer development in the story because they don’t want to think of their favorite actor in such a situation? I like Stephen King’s approach, as he mentions in his book On Writing: “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.”

3. Holy poop, raise the stakes a little with your characters, and don’t have such easily solvable problems. Oh, I’m terribly sorry Little Miss Protagonist, your late husband was shot in the head and you aren’t interested in looking into it?!? Like, no one would be gunning for you as well? Really, we’re going to wrap this up with a pretty little bow and not address this issue? You, your family, your Edward Cullen of a boyfriend (ah-ha, see, already using the term) are not in danger as well? Not even a little bit? Maybe because a lot of the things I write creatively recently involve death or someone at serious risk of dying that I find this a bit absurd.

Other then that  I would love to see less chick lit and young adult stories, but then again if that’s what people feel comfortable writing, more power to them.

The bright side to all of this is I am taking this snarky attitude and applying it to my own work. Which, in a way helps achieve the site’s mission: to create better writers and better stories. So, hooray, I guess?

Sign up and check it out as well if you are interested: Wattpad


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Laying off the (Splenda) Sauce and Listening to Your Body

So for the past 2 weeks or so I have been staying away from Splenda. I realized I was consuming a lot of it and I think it was making me feel…off. I’m a little hypersensitive I guess where my body is concerned, and something just didn’t feel right, especially after I would have a cup of coffee with my usual 3 packets of Splenda. So I thought for the heck of it I would lay off the artificial sweetener for a while to see if that changed anything. Because I refuse to rule out caffeine as the problem off the bat for now. My sweet, sweet caffeine.

So, I’m eating as little refined sugar as possible and no more Splenda. And I’m doing pretty well so far: I feel less out of sorts then previously, which is fine by me.

You should definitely listen to your body when it comes to what you put in it, and for my grappler friends, when it comes to jiu jitsu. I like to think you get to a point in your journey that you can self-correct a technique due to the muscle memory  from correct repetition, and sometimes just from the simple limitations of the human anatomy.

Anyways, back to the Splenda detox, I’m feeling better, and not to cause alarm but if you are interested here are some side effects that have been reported regarding the use of Splenda. Enjoy!

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That song that gets stuck in your head

Not sure if this is going to work, but I’m posting a video of a song that has been in my head, and I am now trying to bestow this gift/curse onto you.




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Tough Judo Lovin’

We’re doing throws and randorii all this week, and even some single and double leg takedowns, And it hurts- not in an injured sort of way, but more “wow I haven’t done this in forever, I forgot I had that muscle let alone had the ability to make it sore” kind of hurt.

When thinking about how this stuff hurts a little, but I’m still willing to jump right in and do it all over again, I think of this song:

“sometimes love, don’t feel like it should…”



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