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The Weird, Mildly NSFW part of BJJ Blogging

So I’ve been taking some time to read around the internet and Shark Girl mentioned the dark (but sort of funny) side of BJJ blogging. The weird, fetishy side.

Unfortunately she’s had a more direct contact with the readers, but I believe almost every female BJJ blogger and a number of the fellas have gotten some weird search term results that are deemed a sort of…


Not obscene, but not exactly kid friendly friendly either.

I actually haven’t gotten any eyebrow raising search terms on my blog, unless you wonder why so many people need to look up why they need to cover up a black eye (and the obligatory but heartfelt side note, violence is never the answer to any domestic relationship. Ever.) I just chalk it up to one of those sort of odd, but sorta funny instances on the internet.

Hooray for weird, wonderful world known as the Internet!


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