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Here are what some other people are talking about on the internetz…

Georgette explains the ABC’s of the latest Presidential debate.

David from the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory Offers a more in depth review and critique of the Metamoris fights.

Julia talks about her goals and methodology for a new project: Operation Tattered Belt– And references both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so of course I highly recommend reading this blog post.

Rick from Middle Age BJJ got his purple belt!

And last but cetainly not least, Lapelchoke.com has a nice highlight video of Xande and Saulo during Masters & Seniors World Championship


Check them out!




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Metamoris: a Good Start

So Sunday night I watched Metamoris, and I have to say it was a good start to what will hopefully be a number of these tournaments, even with the rough patches and broadcasting issues. The biggest problem I feel were the draws- which, I mean happen and are certainly understandable, it’s just I feel there should have been some other safeguard in place, or some measure that could be taken to discourage a draw.

Some options would include either some small reward for the fighter who made obvious attempts to drive the fight, but that leads to a whole new set of problems.  One teammate suggested have the prize shrink in size as the match goes on, to encourage fighters to hustle, even in the face of the 20 minute time limit.

I feel this a good event and I would like to see more of them, but with just this one issue slightly tweaked while still maintaining the essence of  “no points, just submissions”.

That, the inclusion of women’s matches, and 2 commentators who know how to fill the gaps between matches, rather than just one: I’m looking at you, guy-who’s-not-Rener.

PS: making this a quarterly or semi-annual event to offer an opportunity to include more top level BJJ practitioners from around the country would also be pretty sweet. Just saying.


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