IBJJF Black Belt League Rankings

So, I was just perusing the IBJJF website, when I found this little page:

The Black Belt League Top 100 Male and Female Black Belts. 

Since my brain is still a little fuddled with this cold, maybe the answer to what I’m about to ask is somewhere on the page and I’m just not seeing it: how far back do the rankings go?  I mean, are we just looking at the past 6,8, 10 years or are we kickin’ it all the way back to 1996? If you look on the site there are results for the 1996 tournaments, so it’s (sort of) a legitimate question.

(Update: just saw it only goes back 3 years. Not sure I agree with that, but then again no one asked me)

One thing I am definitely noticing is that they girls certainly outpace the guys when it comes to points. Gaby Garcia outpaces the top male black belt by almost 600 points.  Dang.

It’s kind of interesting: check it out!


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2 responses to “IBJJF Black Belt League Rankings

  1. The girls also have a (currently) smaller pool of elite competitors.

    Furthermore, Gabi wins basically everything she enters. On the men’s side, those who have won everything they entered are either not competing solely in IBJJF tourneys or any BJJ tourneys for that matter (Galvao, Roger, Jacare, Braulio, Marcelo, Vinny, Werdum etc.) or not winning everything anymore (Rodolfo, Cobrinha etc.).

  2. I wrote about the same thing.

    Basically, I am in favor of them doing this. I think this is good for the development of the ibjjf, but it’s not perfect (then again, what is?). Hopefully, it will make more sense of bracket creations. We’ll see I suppose.

    Check it out, if you’d like:

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