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They Know…

::cue dramatic chipmunk::

So, Saulo Ribeiro knows I write a blog. And better yet, is totally supportive about it.

The day after Nationals, our team piled into a van and rode down to the University of Jiu Jitsu and chatted with everyone there, including fellow RBJJ students and a bunch of University of Jiu Jitsu students, and there was even a bit of an open mat.

I guess I should admit at this point I also injured my other (good) knee while competing, so I tried to ignore that little voice in my head that mentioned training was probably a terrible idea and attempted to roll. The guy I trained with, Paul, had some really nice techniques that I really admired in the back of my head as pain sort of just caused all my limbs to just stop, making me want to do nothing but crawl into a hole and never come out.

…I’ll be honest, I did not expect that to happen.

I was pretty sad about it, because training at the University was something I was actually really looking forward to- both seeing and experiencing some really beautiful jiu jitsu. But, injuries are irritating that way- they tend to pop up right at the more inopportune moments.

Afterwards however, our team, Saulo, and a few others all went out to dinner, which I thought was pretty thoughtful, and an awesome opportunity. I’m not sure how other heads of associations operate, but it was pretty great that he sat down and had dinner with the part of the team that had (to my knowledge) traveled the farthest to compete. During the conversation our coach, John, mentioned something about how I blog to Saulo.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” he exclaimed, and about two thirds of the table turned to me. While it is an honor that he is one of the few and the proud to not only know of both passions in my life, but to also be super supportive of this combination, when it comes to being put on the spot, especially when it comes to my writing I get all shy and awkward and long story short I sort of wanted to hide under the table. I didn’t, but it was a thought for a brief second. We also talked briefly about Rick’s blog and while I’m terrible at remembering the specifics of a conversation after a period of time, the general tone of the conversation was positive, and supportive in regards to both our blogging endeavors.

So yes, now “they” know. The more I think about it the less scary that prospect seems; I have never felt anything but goodwill and support from Saulo, Xande and the Ribeiro Association in general. I just need to get over years of insecurities and embrace the whole “writer/blogger” title. ¬†Which really, that’s part of what jiu jitsu is all about- getting out of your comfort zone. And not hiding under tables.


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