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Eating More to Weight Less

You know when people tell you to do something, and they explain it’s against natural instinct and common sense, but to do it anyway because that’s what it takes to accomplish your goal? Like when I worked at a coffee shop in high school, and figured out Italians were a bit nutty, because they decided left was the way to turn screws to tighten them, and right was the way to loosen them. At least this particular espresso machine company. It was a little maddening at first, to say the least.

All my life it’s been “eat less [calories], weigh less”. And other than my¬†moratorium in college, I essentially worked to follow that tenant- if I ate less calories, I would weigh less, right?

But now after spending years being active and developing muscle, I’ve been introduced to a new guideline: eat more, to weigh less. Healthy stuff, obviously. And while I have been attempting to work with this new formula, it just¬†feels counter-intuitive, even when I see successful results. My first reaction when I see the numbers on the scale climb is to cut calories and increase physical activity: which is what I think we were all taught from an early age. So, I sort of have to talk myself out of that first instinctual reaction and force myself to eat more, which actually has produced some successful results.

While I’m not suggesting to do something completely against conventional wisdom, like say run a red light or eat food in your fridge that’s obviously past due, I would say be open to a suggestion that may seem a little counter intuitive- as long as it does not cause any damage to your physical and/or emotional self, or could possibly result in incarceration.

Have fun!




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