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So, who has two thumbs…

And a brown belt?

Yeah, that’s right. This chick. I’m still experiencing a little bit of disbelief. I am shocked, and honored, and am immensely grateful for the support of my coach and team that has helped me get this far.

I’m just going to go…stare at my belt, for a while I think and convince myself it’s truly mine.


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Walking around the city attracts some odd people, and sometimes I carry my gi around bundled up, which rarely attracts attention, but one day caused a Russian man with a black belt in judo (or so he told me) to strike up a conversation with me on my walk to the gym.

I recounted this story to a co-worker who paused and asked “wait, what’s a gi?

I have been around people who know what a gi is, I think, for a little too long, because I found myself at a loss of words for a moment.

“It’s- a gi,” I said, sort of shrugging.

Since I had brought my gi in, and it was on my desk (iit was the end of the day, usually I have it stowed away somewhere)  I turned and pointed to my little bundle.

“That,” I said gesturing in a vague manner. I finally pulled my thoughts together and explained the gi to my poor, confused, but interested co-worker.

And that, is how you know you have been hanging around jiu jitsu people-not for too long, but for a pretty damn long time.

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“So, What Would You Do If I Took You Down Right Now?”

I got another one of these when someone started talking about sports at a work function, and asked if I was at all interested in basketball. No, I replied, I am a grappler. I then explained I did jiu jitsu and judo (in truth occasionally, but no one really needs to know that) and I that sort of absurd question,

“So what would you do if I took you down right now?”

I guess guys expect some play-by play detail about how I would sprawl or sweep them and either choke them or put them into some joint lock- but let’s be honest gentleman.

I would laugh.

I would laugh not only because I know how to defend myself, and I think it’s absurd to willingly throw yourself at someone on a hardwood or concrete surface. I’ve been practicing how to fall to incur the least amount of damage for years now; trust me, it’s going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt me.

It’s sort of mean to admit out loud and to their faces, but really that’s what I think. Maybe I should change up my response, but I was always told to tell the truth, and so that’s what I do.


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Preparing for IBJJF American Nationals

This will the first year I can go to Nationals-yay! I’m doing things a little different for this tournament, however. Usually I try to lose about ten pounds to get into one particular weight class, barely eating anything up to the tournament, wistfully looking at the smaller weight division.

Not this time.

I am not making any active attempt to lose weight. Granted I’m eating sensibly and not diving into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but I’m just not going to worry about my weight. Hell, I’m seriously considering registering for the heaviest weight class there is. A bit extreme, but I am set this tournament on walking onto that mat feeling good and ready to go and not worrying about the scale. Someone asked if that’s what I was willing to trade- fighting heavier women in exchange for less stress at scale, and to be perfectly honest….

Yes. Yes I am.

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Hooray, Sexism!

I’m being sarcastic, of course.

I know I’m late to the party, but I was reading Georgette‘s  post on a reporter who was shocked at women competing in judo and thought it was violent and brutish, and overall gave the impression that he was under the impression that women’s judo was something more akin to weave pulling and slap fighting than an actual legit competition. I’ll reiterate what I’m sure what many others have said: this guy’s a tool.

It’s also however a pretty apt indicator as to why you don’t see women in full contact sports: because some woman somewhere is listening to this jackass and saying “yeesh, I don’t want to be involved in that”. Or worse, agreeing with him.

It’s a shame, being unable to explain to those same women that yes there is ferocity, and aggression, but that’s competition. That’s wanting something so bad that you give your all, and if it doesn’t work out, you know you did absolutely everything you could. Also, grappling arts such as Judo are called art for a reason and can also be a beautiful thing to behold, such as a gorgeous throw or the fantastic execution of a technique.

I didn’t get a chance to watch Kayla Harrison, but I’m sure they were some fantastic matches. And I imagine many others didn’t watch it either, but read this reporter’s account and now have some terribly skewed perception regarding women’s judo.



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Why Iron

This sort of has something to do with jiu jitsu, but not really at all.

Why is iron so essential in red blood cells, and not some other metallic element? Someone must have wondered the same thing at some point in time. I was just curious.

That is all. Carry on.

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IsoPure Low Carb Protein Powder

A quick report: while my stomach seems to handle their RTD beverages just fine, my stomach and IsoPure’s low carb protein powder are currently in a tussle. I’ll have a full report tomorrow-ish.


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Not Like Other Girls

It’s a horrifically clichéd phrase, especially in movies: a guy will be enamored with some girl, who will be resistant to his advances and yet attracted to him, and say, “I’m not like other girls.”

It’s silly and for the most part untrue. Someone I follow on twitter made the comically astute observation “if you say you’re not like other girls, you’re just like all other girls.”

For the most part I agree, except when it comes to the grappling ladies. In a majority of ways we are just like our fellow feminine comrades, but I feel we set ourselves a part in a few ways. Many girls I know have an issue with full contact sports, primarily. Also, I think we repeatedly put ourselves in situations that challenge us, that force us to improve.

And that may not just be a female thing, or hell even a grappler thing, but something that sets athletes a part from the general population. So way to go, us. Ladies, proudly turn to some guy and say cryptically “I’m not like other girls.”

I’ll even give you a cookie if you can say it with a straight face. 😉


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