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Sometimes the Cup is Just Full

Yet again I promised I would make it to a Muay Thai class, and yet again I failed in sticking around. I feel like a bribe may be in order, to convince myself to stick around for the extra hour and a half, like say an acai smoothie (mmmm….delicious!) ¬†which may totally undo all the good that is done during the actual class, but hey, it’s a bribe, it’s supposed to be delicious and decadent.

Or I could just admit that at the moment, the metaphorical cup is full. In addition to work, my schedule involves a lot of training….and working out…and more training, and maybe even more training in a different martial art isn’t exactly what I need right now. For some reason I am ridiculously prone to over-training/under-recovering, and where I am at the moment just may be exactly where I need to be.

We all do it to ourselves: we somehow come to the belief that we are not strong enough, fast enough, and we need to work harder to get there. And to be perfectly honest, more often than not we are right. We rarely push ourselves when we really need to. Bot occasionally we really do push ourselves to a point where it is just not physically possible to add anymore to the pile- to fill the cup any further. And we have to be okay with that for the moment: our bodies adapt, situations change, and we can add more on, but there does need to be a period of adjustment, and that’s ok.

…But now I really want an acai smoothie. D’oh!



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