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A Real Life Reset Button

Most of you don’t know me IRL ( In Real Life), but once I get on a task, particularly at work, I get super committed to not just doing it, but doing it well. I mentioned this before, but this was certainly applicable last night.

This is where jiu jitsu provides a nice reset button. I tend to jump into a task, to get fully involved because I want that task completed. If it’s done to satisfaction and ahead of schedule is a particularly sweet bonus. I am mainly talking about work, but it can be applied to other tasks in life as well.

Not that I become obsessed, but I will stop seeing the forest for the trees sometimes.  Jiu jitsu lets me take that step back, and get a sense of perspective that we all need once in a while. Exercise seems to be super for this: take a walk outside, go swimming, do something that will allow you to take your mind off the smaller pieces and refocus on the big picture.

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