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Congratulations to Our New Blue Belts!

Friday was a big day for a number of white belts: They were promoted to blue!

Good job guys, they are definitely well deserved!

Congratulations to Dominic, Edgar, Rob, Olivier, James and Steve!

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It’s Friday!

I swear to you all, I have been staring at this screen for the past ten minutes or so thinking of what to write, so instead I’ll just leave you with a picture I blatantly stole off of Pinterest:

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Silly, But Necessary

We’re practicing self defense this week, and I was working with a white belt for a portion of class last night. We were all working on the reactions to being grabbed from behind, and I have to admit there were some giggles from both of us. It seems silly at the moment, but I feel as a woman who lives in a city, this sort of stuff needs to be reviewed now and again. If the news has taught us anything, it’s that people are becoming more and more crazy, reckless and stupid. Or at least the news is more focused on covering it nowadays.

It does feel a little silly especially on the “attacker” side: it’s not what we would typically do. Hell, I imagine for real life attackers it’s not something they normally do, but the fact that they do exist makes the review of self defense necessary. So ladies, I know it may make you giggle and feel awkward, but it’s better than not reviewing self defense at all.

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Taking Care

We’ve been talking about taking supplements recently at the gym. Not the illegal kind, but stuff in some sort of hope our arms and legs won’t all fall off come the next 5 to 10 years and provide some help in the whole training process. I know people talk about getting all the nutrients they need through the food they eat, which I totally understand, but frankly when training I would rather just pop a supplement than prepare a bunch of food for the same effect. Also, there are just some you cannot get from eating, such as chondroitin. According to our friends over at LiveStrong:

“Chondroitin acts to keep your cartilage healthy by blocking enzymes that degrade cartilage and aiding in the formation of new cartilage. Because there are no major dietary sources of chondroitin or glucosamine, it must be obtained in supplement form.”

So, moving on. I highly recommend taking a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, mainly for the reasons above. There are also supplements that also have MSM or methylsulphonylmethane, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Also according to LiveStrong, MSM has some other fun benefits, including:

“…stimulating cell walls to become permeable and enabling toxins, free radicals and unwanted material to be efficiently flushed out, blocking parasites from attaching to the mucous membranes of the lungs and digestive system, and anti-inflammatory effects in damaged tissue, as cited in ‘Biochemical, Physiological and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition’. ”

As jiu jitsu players we need our cartilage, maybe not the cartilage in our ears, but still. This is a pretty good supplement purchase, and other than a multivitamin probably the first thing I would recommend.

When I have trained especially hard, I have taken other people’s suggestion and taken Glutamine…Or BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids). Or both: Whatever was in the protein powder I was drinking. Frankly I running short on time, so I’ll just say this: if I am over-training, they make me feel more human and less like a flattened pancake that needs to be scraped off of anything I sit on…particularly couches.

I don’t suggest this stuff to make you a super body builder: I’m suggesting these things because most of us have regular jobs and lives outside of jiu jitsu, and these supplements help you keep that balance, instead of sitting at your desk chair looking like death slightly warmed over. It’s hard to do your job and feel like a productive member of society if you an barely move your arms and legs. Take care of yourself and you’ll have a better chance of maintaining that work/life/jiu jitsu balance we all need, or would prefer at least.

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Galvao Is Not a Guy You Want To Mess With

Usually I leave the large images until Wednesday, but this was just too good to pass up: during the IBJJF World Championships this weekend, one of Andre Galvao’s students was put into an illegal kneebar and had to tap. The ref, rather than disqualifying the competitor, awarded the offender the win to advance.

And here is what Galvao thought of that:

He would be the very angry one in the white shirt.

It takes a mighty pair of brass ones to make a wrong call, then stick with it when someone with that face jumps over a barricade to argue with you.

Galvao was then disqualified from competing for jumping over the barricade, and banned from the venue for the day, I guess to encourage that he cool off.


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An Armchair Review of Two BJJ Clothing Companies: Submission Fight Co & Technically Sound

I know it’s odd, me posting on a Sunday, but there is a method to my madness, I swear.

So this has been happening more recently ever since I changed my twitter name from “thatclassybroad” to “SkirtontheMat” (huh, imagine that): companies that sell fight gear are following my account. Since I am not currently in the market to purchase any bjj gi’s and such (but of course wouldn’t mind a free sample…wink wink, nudge nudge) I took a look through the sites of two companies that started to follow me and this is what I think:

First up, Submission Fight Company (

I’ve actually heard of these guys before but I have never tried their product. Their website is pretty easy to use, which is always a plus. On the front page they are currently promoting the “Hemp Sensation” gi, they sell replacement cords for gi pants, albeit pretty pricey, but hey, it’s nice to have that option.

Pros: they have an all right variety of product from kids gis to adult kimonos, and they apparently sell pants separately, which is nice.

Cons: Rash guard selection is pretty nil, especially if you are looking for a rash guard that can potentially work for an IBJJF event (aka, having your corresponding rank color on the shirt). Also a complaint about gi’s, but I’ll mention that toward the end.


Technically Sound Fight Gear (

They look brand new, or at least I hope they are due to their lack of product available. They seem all about the detailing, and I found myself staring and analyzing their design like I should analyze modern art instead of what I usually do – get angry and stomp away when it looks like it took less than a 1/2 hour to make (really? You got a piece of black sandpaper, drew what looks like cross between an F and a backwards 7, and it is now hanging as a piece of art?! GAH!) (true story, btw). They have two people in the middle of a jiu jitsu match, or fight, or whatever, in front of a pyramid, which I then began to theorize to mean that with a strong foundation you will achieve great heights and the pinnacle of performance?

See, I know how to read between the lines and stuff.

Pros: From what I can tell, they have some nice shirts and they talk a pretty good game. It’ll be interesting to check back in with them in about 6 months. But that’s the thing, they have a pretty limited selection, so we’ll see what happens.

I decided to intentionally post this on a Sunday where I will have the least amount of readers. Pretty mean of me, I know. But if anyone wants some prime real estate on this site they are going to have to offer something in return. I can’t generate income on this site, since I would then have to apply for a business privilege license (thanks, Philadelphia!), so it’ll have to be free samples of stuff for me to review during the week, when more readers visit my site.

Ah, and now for my complaint regarding gi manufacturers- I may be (read, probably)  totally off about this, but it never seems lik anyone posts the dimensions of gi’s, for example:

I have a short torso, which is why I really like Atama Kimonos ( – they are crazy expensive, but their tops are long enough for competition, but not so long that they cover my butt to the point where it becomes an impediment.   I just noticed they also have judo gi’s available, which would be interesting to test out.

If I could find something with comparable length of the Atama top at a much lower price, I would probably be convinced to cheat on my favorite gi company to try out a new product. But I never know, and would rather not shell out a hundred dollars to go through the trial and error of finding that out.

So, in closing, those are my thoughts to fighting clothing companies: send me samples, I will review them where they are more likely to be seen, someone offer some size dimensions, and Atama if you could send me free things I will continue to proclaim how much I love your gi’s.

If anyone is actually willing to take me up on this crazy proposition, contact me through my blogging email, thatclassybroad at gmail dot com, and we’ll work something out.



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Oil and Water: Guillotines and Single/Double Leg Take Downs

Someone pointed out this article, and it makes me sad/really leery of going for a single or double leg takedown: what are they? They are ways to take down your opponent by crouching down “shooting” in and grabbing one or both legs to take your opponent down.

Fancy terminology, I know.

These guys are going in for one of these take downs and their opponent is applying a guillotine which looks like this:

What the guy on the bottom is doing is dropping to take the other guy down and the guy on top has an arm around their neck, and for some, bad things happen.

Vertebra are either shattering or becoming dislocated, and these guys become paralyzed, or die.

These moves are no joke; I would seriously consider taking them out of MMA and jiu jitsu competitions because of the risk. Granted, I can say these things because I’m not on any governing body of anything, but just as they ban kicks to the back of the head, I think there has to be some sort of “no guillotines while both competitors have two feet on the ground.” or something. Guillotines themselves shouldn’t be taken out of the equation, but this is an issue that should be addressed sooner than later.



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