Rest vs Recovery

A friend of mine posted this article on facebook, and it’s kind of interesting: it gets a little vague towards the end, but all in all it’s pretty good stuff. The article talks about the importance of not just resting, but recovering from all the training you may be doing.

As I’ve mentioned before, taking the time to listen to your body is one of the hardest, but most essential things to do: the article calls it under recovered, I call it over-trained, but the symptoms are the same. It’s a miserable place to be and will do nothing but frustrate you. I’m also looking up some specific tips on effective recovery methods, other than ice baths, so hopefully I’ll have those up in a day or so.

Check it out!: Rest vs Recovery

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  1. From the article, it said:

    “An appropriate ‘dose’ of physical stress provokes a positive adaptation in your body (you get fitter), but dosing progressively larger and larger amounts of exercise can be seriously detrimental to your health.”

    Whether you call it under-recovered or over-trained, the end result is definitely the same: insufficient restoration. This is something I write about on my own blog and will be covering more extensively in the future. Not that it’s ironic or anything, but I noticed you train at Maxercise in Philly. Steve Maxwell himself is a HUGE advocate of restorative practices and exercises. As far as I’m concerned, he is the “godfather” of authentic, modern, intelligent physical culture in America.

    I heard he was coming out with a new DVD shot in Maui on his own systems/ methods for restorative exercises & mobility. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.



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