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Yikes, Inconsistent Posting is Inconsistent

Sorry for the messed up posting schedule, my work schedule is sort of smoothing out, but I am getting up earlier now to get to work, which means in the sleep/train/write equation, writing has gotten a bit of a cut.

This past weekend some of our guys went and fought in an MMA…tournament? Event? There were supposed to be four guys fighting, but only two were able to get into the ring. The other two’s opponents had issues- one didn’t hand in the necessary paperwork in time and the other just didn’t show up to the weigh-in, which boggles my mind, but whatever. How do you not show up to something like that?

Anyway, my friends and I were talking about if they were for some reason going to do an MMA fight, what their walk out song would be. One mentioned Smashmouth’s “Why Can’t We be Friends” another has mentioned the theme from “The Price is Right” when the contestants are told to “come on down!”(is that a different song or the same theme? I haven’t watched the show in forever). I am torn between the Super Mario Brother’s video game theme and Pink’s “So What” at the moment.

If you were, for some reason, slated to compete in an MMA match, what would your walk out song be?

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