Review: Isopure Zero Carb Protein Drinks

In an effort to consume more protein while not eating pounds upon pounds of meat, a friend of mine suggested I try a protein drink from the brand Isopure: which produces drinks that have 40 grams of protein, a whole ton of BCAAs, no carbohydrates, no sweetened with apartame and a relatively low amount of calories, all of which I am happy to get behind.

I tried two flavors, their Alpine Punch and Pineapple Orange Banana. I tried the Alpine Punch when I was at work, and the Pineapple Orange Banana after working out.

The Alpine Punch tasted a little funny, but I still powered through and drank the entire bottle throughout the afternoon. It wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t really get around the odd aftertaste. Not necessarily bad, but odd considering the sweetener in it is sucralose, aka Splenda, which I totally put into drinks on the regular.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this: hell, maybe it was something I ate for lunch…but my arms and legs started to feel tingly. Maybe it was the BCAAs: I don’t know, but it was an interesting experience to be sure.

This was all before a workout. I tried the Pineapple one the next day after practice- and to be honest, I was so thirsty I didn’t quite give a damn whether there was an aftertaste or not. I drank about a little more than half and then gave the rest to Max, but that’s more because I wanted to share and less from funky aftertaste.

This time there was no tingly feeling, but this was also after a workout, only 1/2 of the amount I had previously consumed, and a different flavor. I’ll have to try the alpine punch one after a workout and see if I can notice the aftertaste or not. Essentially, it seems like a pretty good drink, I just need to be more science-y and objective-like about it.

Anyone else try the Isopure drinks? Any thoughts?


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3 responses to “Review: Isopure Zero Carb Protein Drinks

  1. Where do you buy them? and how many calories per? any other flavors available? And last, what is the form of the protein? (whey? casein?) Thanks!

  2. Katie

    I bought these at GNC, but here are all the places they list on their website:
    The Vitamin Shoppe,
    CWI Medical,
    DPS Nutrition,
    Tommy K Vitamins,,
    Bariatric Eating,
    Total Health,
    Lucky Vitamin

    I’m pretty sure all their zero carb drinks are 160 calories per bottle (20oz, so not shabby), they list one on their site as an example for the rest, and the flavors their site list are:
    Passion Fruit
    Pineapple Orange Banana
    Mango Peach
    Icy Orange
    Grape Frost
    Apple Melon
    Blue Raspberry
    Alpine Punch

    I did a quick search and while Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon are offering single flavor cases for 46.99, and is offering single flavor cases for 39.99, you can get a variety pack from GNC for 64.99 without a gold card (51.99 with). Quite a difference, but at least you won’t have to potentially buy 8 cases to figure out which ones you like and which you don’t. Finally, they are whey protein.

    Hope that helps!

    • You rock! Thanks! Sadly I’m on a dairy-free, gluten-free thing so I can’t do whey protein (comes from milk) but I will pass the word to training partners. 🙂

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