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Silly, But Necessary

We’re practicing self defense this week, and I was working with a white belt for a portion of class last night. We were all working on the reactions to being grabbed from behind, and I have to admit there were some giggles from both of us. It seems silly at the moment, but I feel as a woman who lives in a city, this sort of stuff needs to be reviewed now and again. If the news has taught us anything, it’s that people are becoming more and more crazy, reckless and stupid. Or at least the news is more focused on covering it nowadays.

It does feel a little silly especially on the “attacker” side: it’s not what we would typically do. Hell, I imagine for real life attackers it’s not something they normally do, but the fact that they do exist makes the review of self defense necessary. So ladies, I know it may make you giggle and feel awkward, but it’s better than not reviewing self defense at all.

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