Teaching: More Stressful Than It Looks

So I taught class last night, kinda-sorta all by my lonesome, which was sort of my fault. There was another purple belt in class, but I asked him to take some time and go over some basics with a brand shiny new white belt.

While I have taught some techniques before, I never did an entire class from beginning to end, and while I did just fine, let me tell you, it’s a little stressful. I may have also been putting undue stress on myself, worrying about whether I was explaining something properly. I am a very visual person, and so then to describe an image that is in your head, I don’t know about other people, but I tend to worry that something will get lost in translation.

But, all in all everything went pretty well. So, hooray for being pushed out of my comfort zone, I guess.

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One response to “Teaching: More Stressful Than It Looks

  1. rvshaw

    I think it’s very rewarding (I’ve covered several classes myself), and the old adage that you really learn something when you teach it is true. It can definitely be stressful, though. Cheers for stepping up!

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