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Teaching: More Stressful Than It Looks

So I taught class last night, kinda-sorta all by my lonesome, which was sort of my fault. There was another purple belt in class, but I asked him to take some time and go over some basics with a brand shiny new white belt.

While I have taught some techniques before, I never did an entire class from beginning to end, and while I did just fine, let me tell you, it’s a little stressful. I may have also been putting undue stress on myself, worrying about whether I was explaining something properly. I am a very visual person, and so then to describe an image that is in your head, I don’t know about other people, but I tend to worry that something will get lost in translation.

But, all in all everything went pretty well. So, hooray for being pushed out of my comfort zone, I guess.

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