RedBelt (And No, Not that Terrible Movie)

There is a gentleman named  Hywel Teague, who is the owner of the video site BJJ Hacks and he needs your help, y’all. He is currently working to raise money in an effort to go down to Brazil and film BJJ red belts, to immortalize these grandmasters.

Stealing a quote from Georgette‘s site, ”  He will track down, interview and film the remaining red belt masters living in Brazil. It’ll be an amazing film. In his words: “it will be an intimate and revealing look into the art of jiu-jitsu, focusing on a group of men with amazing history in the sport.’ ”

More information on the project and a place to throw monies at the project can be found here:

Apparently there should also be a site outlining the project, but all the links I have found appear to be broken, so I will update with a new link when I find one that works.

In the meantime, I highly suggest everyone to at least take a look at the little youtube video they have posted on their indiegogo site.


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