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Wild and Wacky Posting Schedule

Hey there, due to some personal stuff (good stuff, hooray!) my posting schedule is going to be kind of erratic. It should calm down in a week or so, but please be patient. Thanks!

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The Middle of the Road

I haven’t talked about this, but a couple of weeks ago I received another stripe on my belt. I guess in part because I find it surreal, because this now makes me a two stripe purple belt. But, let’s think of that in the grand scheme of the jiu jitsu rank system. There are 5 belt colors, with 4 stripes to each belt before you can advance to the next.

I realized this just before I got the stripe, but if you liken jiu jitsu to walking across a large highway, the two stripe purple belt is smack in the middle at the median. When you start crossing the end almost seems impossible to imagine, let alone see. By purple belt you have already quite a respectable amount of distance, some may even say too far to turn back. But there is also still quite a large bit of road ahead of you: unlike really crossing however the road there is no hurrying through to the end. But the other side is there, within sight.

So, that’s where I am- smack in the middle. I have come a long way, but I still have a long ways to go. I could get into a “Frogger” reference, and talk about the many instance I could have gotten squashed on my way, and there are more opportunities to get squashed still, but all I want to say about that is I am committed to do everything in my power to get to the other side of the road. And, one of the biggest comforts is knowing that I have a supportive and encouraging team with me every step of the way.

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