The Brevity of Inspiration

I always have these brilliant subjects I want to write about either during, or immediately after jiu jitsu.

“Oh man,” I think to myself, “I am so going to write about this and it will be a well thought out, well written post. It will be amazing!”

And then I open up wordpress….


Any great idea I possessed flies straight out the window and I’m left staring at a blank screen. Which I think is applicable for lots of people in all sorts of situations, even with jiu jitsu. I have mentioned this before, but we have this idea in our heads as to how things are going to go, and they very rarely do. I am now talking about those moments where inspiration is with us one moment, and the next it has completely flown the coop and we’re left sort of dumbfounded, desperately grasping for even a wisp of that previous inspiration.

The only advice I can give in this situation is to relax, carry on and something will come to you. It may not be as stunning or show-stopping as your original idea, but hey, it’s something. Just keep moving forward, and hope that inspired thought comes around again, or hopefully you can turn your mundane idea into a pretty awesome one.

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One response to “The Brevity of Inspiration

  1. This pretty much happens to me every time mash the button for “new post”.

    I only blog to help burn the things I’m learning into my memory. Driving home, I have all these things and thoughts I want to get down and all I can think of is “Don’t turn into the sub…” It’s frustrating because like my BJJ, internally its tight and economical, but externally its a rambling, poorly thought out mess.

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