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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 5.9.12

I have to admit, I frequently look at what posts people visit most, and what search terms readers use to get to my website. While the reigning champ is still “how to cover a black eye” and variations of such, recently there has been an uptick in readers in regards to UFC Fighter Alistair Overeem. Overeem, for those who have no idea what I am talking about, failed a drug test after his win over Brock Lesner, apparently having over twice the allowable amount of testosterone in his system. There was a hearing in April and the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to issue Overeem a license, and instructed to wait 9 months to reapply.

When I saw the increase in Overeem queries, my first thought admittedly was, “oh no, what did he do now?”

But apparently, UFC President Dana White thinks Frank Mir will take up the spot left by Overeem. Oh, so good news.

Mir is not my favorite fighter for some reason or another (I can’t recall why at the moment), but it’s nice that he has another match. Good for him.

And now, here is a large photo of Mir. Just because.



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