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No Time To Hesitate

I have a problem, internet. I like trying things too much.

I mean, not like risky behavior, like “smoking drugs and entering a high stakes poker game with violent card sharks” kind of try things, but in jiu jitsu, I like to try things more than just play my game, and that gets me in trouble sometimes. While this is not exactly frowned upon, it does become a problem when it becomes a habit to hesitate as I think of what I am going to do next, in the effort of trying something new.

Again, while there is nothing wrong with trying new things, I do need to work on my “plan”, what comes naturally. So that need to try different techniques for now may just have to be hog-tied and stuffed into a back closet for a few days. I’ll be back to trying new things again, but for now I need to  work on what’s dependable, and more importantly what I can do without hesitation.

Just a personal revelation. In the meantime, May The Fourth Be With You!

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