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I’ll Just Be Over Here, Hitting My Head Against a Wall…

I’m just frustrated.

You know when you learn something that looks really cool, and you can totally see yourself being able to apply it to whatever you’re doing? And then you try it and it doesn’t work? So you keep trying and it almost works, but just falls short?

That’s what’s been happening to me and my jiu jitsu game. We learned some great stuff during the Saulo seminar, especially some open guard stuff and passing the open guard.  We drilled some of it, and I decided to give it a try last night.

And it didn’t really work. Still hopeful, I tried again. And again.

And again.

No dice.

Jiu jitsu is definitely a sport which requires the virtue of patience, it’s just a virtue that is tested a little more some days than others, like currently.

So I’m just going to try to take a deep breath, and try some more, this time really looking for the flaws and attempting to see what I can do to make these techniques successful. If it doesn’t work, fine, but at the very least I want to be able to say I gave these techniques my best shot.

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