Wait, People….Lie? Non-BJJ Related Post

So I think we can safely say that I visit the social fitness site Fitocracy a lot. It’s fun, people are helpful, supportive, nerdy (like me!) and the site is actually pretty helpful in coming up with new routines when you find yourself running on empty in the creative department. The site just premiered its very own iPhone app, which has led to a number of new users to join the site. As is expected.

What makes me turn my head to the side a like a dog who doesn’t quite understand what is being said to him, is the willingness of some people to track absolutely absurd, obviously fake workouts for the sole purpose of leveling up.


Call it a case of being naive, but I don’t see the point of putting in all that time putting in the data of a fictitious workout and not actually doing anything.

Congratulations, you’re a liar, and you didn’t put in any real effort for your reward.

Sure, it’s disappointing to work your face off and to see it didn’t really amount for too much in terms of points, but that’s not the ultimate point of working out. We are all different: shapes, sizes and abilities. What may be hard for me could be easy for you, and vice-versa, which doesn’t make the points fair sometimes, but whatever, that’s life and more of a motivation to progress. Part of the fun of working out and training is the sense of accomplishment after the session, especially something that was previously thought of as impossible. What a feeling of triumph!  You did it, and tomorrow you’ll have another chance to “do the impossible”.

The site is more of a supplementary tool, with a supportive, positive online community to back you, which speaking from personal experience is one of the biggest assets to your success when starting any sort of fitness program: people who will not only give you advice, but will also cheer you on when you progress toward your goal. And the website is free! You get all these tools for your success, for nothing! All anyone asks in return is a positive attitude, some effort and sweat, and most importantly some honesty when it comes to your physical activity.

It’s a silly thing to rant about, but it’s 10 times more silly to take the time to write down you did 1,000,000 crunches with a 50 pound weight on your chest, then cycled for 24 hours straight at 100 miles an hour over The Rocky Mountains. All in one workout.

Not to downplay anyone’s level of physical fitness, but to that I have to use a phrase the kids on the internet are saying these days:

“Pics, or it didn’t happen.”


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2 responses to “Wait, People….Lie? Non-BJJ Related Post

  1. Monkey

    Kinda seems like cheating yourself!

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