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Write It Down!

I don’t tend to give loads of advice when it comes to weight loss, other than sharing my experiences as either inspiration or a cautionary tale, but I do have one piece of advice that I want to share.

Whatever your diet and exercise plan is, whenever you weight yourself, write the number down. Really.

In reality, unless you are losing weight for a tournament (like I am) the numbers themselves don’t really matter, but it is a great way to show that you have been making progress, even when you feel like you haven’t. I weigh myself in the morning, and by some grace of the powers that be, I remember that number and write it down on my desk calendar at work. Nothing else to mark what it is,  just a string of numbers up at the top of each square. And when I start to feel frustrated, I review those numbers. Granted, they are not decreasing quite as quickly as I would hope, but there progress is being made and encouraging me to continue. For some it may be easier to take measurements in key areas-waist, chest, biceps, and that’s wonderful, but my main experience is keeping track of the numbers on the scale.

This was something that someone encouraged me to do when I first started to lose major weight. And I have to admit, in the beginning I didn’t want to: I was scared of the numbers, in a way, that they would discourage me from progressing I guess. It was suggested that I put a decimal point in front of the whole thing- again, it’s not that the numbers matter, but it was simply a way to track what I had been doing.

For some reason that assuaged my anxiety enough to get on the scale and write down the numbers. My first entry?


And that was after I had lost enough weight for people to notice. Yikes.

So that’s my big piece of advice: whatever you are doing with your diet plan; losing, gaining, whatever, be sure to write it down. The numbers may be hard to look at in the beginning, but if you stick to it, it’s a great way to track your progress.

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