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Bad Days Are Made To Appreciate the Good Ones

You know those days were all the little things in your life go wrong? Like the plastic knob that starts your dryer breaks, you wake up late for work, a circuit blows while you are updating the software on your phone, forcing you to put the phone back to its factory settings and everything can be backed up except your contacts? That was a definitively bad moment in my day. Fortunately, I like to be over-prepared and have a spreadsheet of all my old contacts up to about 6 months to a year ago.

Just like there are peaks and valleys in jiu jitsu training, so are there peaks and valleys in life. You can’t have high places without a few low places sometimes. And there’s the hope that these valleys will mean bigger and better things, more peaks to reach- but we can’t reach them unless we continue to push forward. In training, in our lives in general, we need to continue to push forward with the belief things will change for the better. We go through these bad moments to progress to the good ones, and possess the perspective to appreciate them.

It sounds Pollyanna-ish, but I would rather be a kick-ass Pollyanna then a Debbie Downer who can’t progress because she focuses too much on her own failures. So there.

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