The Wish for an Outside Mat

It’s warming up on the East Coast, which leads to wishes of being able to somehow train outside. Which anyway you look at it, probably would not work. But, it’s a nice thought anyway.

Just think of the warm sunshine…As it makes the mats blazing hot to the touch. And the nice breeze that would blow dust and dirt onto the mats as you rolled. And let’s not forget you’re outside, so there’s a chance of birds pooping on the mat (or your head), mosquitos nibbling at your exposed toes, and bees.

I really, really hate bees.

So, you could have a tent…With walls….Which kind of defeats the purpose of being outside in the first place.


The things we do for jiu jitsu. 🙂




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2 responses to “The Wish for an Outside Mat

  1. Every time the weather turns nice, I entertain such fantasies. You would think that it would be economically and practically feasible–somehow.

  2. SavageKitsune

    I have done BJJ outside in the grass. It does leave grass stains on a white gi, though.

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