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Starting Jiu Jitsu is Like “Fear Factor”

As we all know, Fear Factor has some scary stuff- stunts that would make anyone hesitate- jumping from building to building, being underwater, and I think I saw an episode where someone had to crawl out of a car suspended mid-air. But, they all had safety gear, leashes strapped to cords to pull them to safety and there were stunt coordinators supervising the whole thing. The biggest challenge turned out to be facing your own reservations and getting out there to do whatever they put in front of you anyway. You would live if you failed, it’s the fact that you had to be willing to do it in the first place.

Starting jiu jitsu is a lot like that: at least, it was for me. Yes, it does look scary, but in all reality the biggest challenge is putting your own fear and reservations aside and putting yourself out there, mustering the courage to move forward and persevere. You won’t die if you mess up on the first day, and most instructors make it a point not to break their newbies. It comes down to the student, and whether or not they will be willing to reach out of their comfort zone, to indeed mess up and fail, but be willing to try again.

The similarity kind of ends there, since no one makes you eat anything gross. Thank goodness.

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